• 213 Market St. 

    Historic Kimmswick, Missouri


  • Coffee

    Freshly Ground in House from Coarse to Espresso

  • All coffees are locally roasted!

    We pride ourselves in offering fair trade coffees.

  • Kimmswick Blend

    A combination of Central and South American coffees that are roasted darker to a “full city roast.” The flavor is more intense than our medium roast, but because of the quality of the coffees used, the taste is very clean and pleasant, without harshness. This is one of our more popular blends that is low in acidity. The taste will linger on the palate.

    Liberty Latte

    Smooth white chocolate flavor and the taste of ripe raspberries makes this coffee a summer specialty. It’s a party in a cup! Enjoy iced, poolside.

  • Teas

    Loose Leaf & Bagged Varieties

  • Kimmswick Blend (Specialty Black Tea)

    A delightful flavor that is astringent and lively. Kimmswick Blend (Specialty Black Tea) is the highest quality of Orange Pekoe Tea. This specialty black tea is produced in one of the best gardens in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is best known for having the best climate for producing quality teas.

  • Candies & Chocolates

  • Looking for that perfect cup of tea or coffee flavor without having to brew an actual cup? Our Espresso Candies, Tea Candies, and Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans will satisfy your craving! These make for a great quick treat or soothe a sore throat.


  • Hot Chocolate is a drink that never goes out of season! Whether it's with Classic, Double Truffle, or  Peppermint*, this deliciously warm and creamy drink will soothe your sweet tooth. For a world class cup of hot chocolate, just add your choice of milk product to this rich, pure chocolate mix.


    Contact us to learn more about our Hot Chocolates.