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  • Our Fajita Seasoning is the now must-have spice for your summer cooking and grilling! Our blend of salt and pepper, garlic, and spices will bring a new, irresistible taste of smoke and heat to sprinkle on your food!


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  • New to our shelves! Our Zahtar spice blend brings a deeply rich flavor with layers upon layers of goodness, such as with sesame seeds, spices, and more! Recommended to try with potatoes, veggies, or even as a spread mixed with cream cheese!


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  • Grilling season is here! If you're a little tired of the same ol' BBQ seasonings, then give our Citrus Grilling Seasoning a try! You still get that same smoky spice as BBQ seasoning, but with an added citrus tang! Delicious on meats or poultry! 

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  • A perfect flavor addition for almost any meal! Also known as an herb to help boost your mental focus, Rosemary has bring a slight minty, sage-like flavor with a woody aftertaste. Sprinkle a teaspoon of our Rosemary on roasted potatoes or grilled meats!

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