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    * All coffees are blended to be low acidic


  • Tis the season for strawberries! Even better, tis the season for chocolate strawberries! Try our Strawberry Mousse coffee, which contains the ever so popular flavor of chocolate covered strawberries. It's guaranteed to make you a perfect cup of coffee every time. Also available in decaf. Need more chocolate? Get yourself our Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, too!

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  • Look no further for that perfect dark roast coffee! Our Levee Blend is one of our most popular blends, and it’s also our darkest roast. This unique favorite is a blend of five different, very distinct coffees. It has rich but still has a smooth taste with no harsh, dark-roast bite.

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  • We are so excited for strawberry season we have TWO featured teas for you: Strawberry Kiwi and Long Island Strawberry! Our Strawberry Kiwi is the perfect blend of sweet and tart strawberry mixed with the fresh flavor of kiwi, while our Long Island Strawberry is a refreshing tea with all the delicious flavors of a Long Island tea (minus the alcohol) with hints of strawberry. Recommended to try both as hot or cold tea!

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  • Check out our boxed teas! Enjoy the flavors and aromas of our Strawberry Tea, which has a fresh berry flavor with smooth and sweet textures. This tea is delicious as hot or cold tea! Our Boxed Teas contain already pre-bagged packets.

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